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  • 26Feb

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    What happens to my engine if I delay the change of engine oil than recommended frequency?


    You take care of your automobile like your family member and do each and every possible thing to keep it up and running. But if you are missing engine oil change schedules, you are literally poisoning your engine and killing it slowly. Most of the vehicles have recommended intervals of maintenance, and missing it might cause serious harm to your vehicle. Even if you haven’t reached the mileage level yet and it’s more than the recommended time, you must change the engine oil.

    Why not delay in changing engine oil even if you haven’t reached the recommended maximum mileage

    Many people delay in Engine Oil Change as they are still running on a low mileage, which sounds sensible. But engine oil has many features besides providing lubrication to the engine, and even if the engine has been used at its minimum, the effect of additives might diminish if it is not used for a long time. For example, engine oil might have additives like detergents to keep the running parts clean or coolants to keep the engine cool, but over the time the additives might not be as effective as it was initially.

    Given below are the few consequences you might face if you are not changing the engine oil in time.

    Sludge in the engine oil

    If your automobile’s servicing is pending for a long time, oil sludge might build up in your machine’s engine, impacting the performance of the automobile. Oil sludge is when the engine oil becomes thick and jelly like to stick with the engine’s running parts, blocking the oil outlets and creating hurdles in normal oil flow inside the engine. If you own a gearless 4-stroke scooter, you can buy scooter oils from reputed brands like Veedol (Take Off 4S 10W-30 SN/MB) engine oil and keep the vehicle in a good condition for long without frequent sludge build-ups damaging the engine.

    The engine might no longer remain clean

    Even if you haven’t used your automobile much, chances are that the running parts of the engine have worn out. This might have resulted in making the engine oil impure and unfit for use. This can always affect the lifespan of your automobile’s engine. So, periodical engine oil change is absolutely necessary.

    The additives and the base oil may break down

    The base oil or the carrier oil has properties to carry the additives, and once the base oil breaks down, it won’t be able to carry the additives. When the automobile is kept unused for a long time, the engine oil expires and the additives might not be able to protect the running parts of the engine from wearing.

    The automobile burns up the engine oil

    The automobile has a tendency to burn up the engine oil. So if the engine oil change is delayed for too long, the automobile’s engine can burn up the entire oil, causing several problems in functioning of the engine.

    The engine might make weird noises

    It is high time when you must change the engine oil as you can hear it loud & clear from the weird noises your engine is making. It is one of the vital issues you might face when the engine oil change is due for a long time.

    If you are staying in a place with extreme weather conditions, engine oil changing is a Must at a defined frequency.

    Engine oils, especially the synthetic oils that are made to work in extreme weather conditions, can get damaged with course of time and when you want to take your automobile out after a long time, it would not work as nicely as it used to earlier. The viscosity modifiers, over a course of time, might get thinner when exposed to high temperature. If engine oil change is due for long, it can also affect the viscosity of the engine oil.

    If you have reached the recommended mileage of oil change and still think that there’s yet much time to change the oil, you are taking a wrong step and damaging your machine’s engine. You can refer to your vehicle’s service manual to find out how often its oil should be changed – the interval varies from model to model.

    After reading the above, if you are planning for engine oil change and wondering where to buy engine oil then you can visit Veedol retail locator page to identify lubricant shops available nearby your location. You can find best engine oil for your vehicle at Veedol oil finder page

    Engine oil for an automobile is what blood is for the human body, so it is important to change engine oil periodically so that you can keep your machine healthy for a long time and enjoy joyrides seamlessly.

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