Veedol Rapid Kool G (Red)


    Veedol Rapid Kool G Red Coolant is a high performance glycol based radiator coolant suitable for automotive and stationary engines. It is formulated with selected rust & corrosion inhibitor to protect the radiator components and other parts against rust & corrosion and prevents foaming and scale formation. It helps in better heat transfer process which ensures peak engine cooling and longer life. It does not contain borates, nitrates, silicates, phosphates and amines.


    Recommended for use in radiators of commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, earth movers, jeeps, LCVs and passenger cars.

    • Rapid heat removal facilitates excellent heat transfer, ensuring optimum engine cooling and longer engine life.
    • Anti-rust shield selectively acting and protecting radiator interior surfaces against rust and corrosion.
    • Enhanced water pump performance.
    • Provides improved aluminum and solder protection
    • Does not harm non-metallic components, gaskets, hoses etc.
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