Veedol MaxShield DEF (AUS 32)


    Veedol Max Shield DEF (AUS 32) is an aqueous urea solution meets the stringent requirements of

    International quality standards. It is a blend of high purity automotive grade urea and deionized water

    specially designed for use in vehicles fitted with SCR technology system.

    Veedol Max Shield DEF (AUS 32) is compatible with all BIS IV / Euro IV and beyond vehicles fitted with

    (SCR) emission systems. It prevents SCR breakdown and reduces harmful nitrogen oxide emissions.

    Veedol Max Shield DEF (AUS 32) is a nonflammable, nontoxic, stable, colorless, odorless and simple to

    handle fluid having high purity.


    Recommended for use in cars, trucks, heavy vehicles, construction & mining equipments and other vehicles fitted with SCR.

    • Prevents SCR breakdown, reduces harmful nitrogen oxide emissions.
    • Strict alkalinity control ensures longer service life of the product
    • Almost negligible metallic content avoids catalyst poisoning, effectively extending the life of the SCR system.
    • Low content of biuret, phosphate and aldehydes avoids blockage of the catalyst pores and nozzles.
    • Non-toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable.
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